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WordPress Help Desk

WordPress Help Desk

  Our new WordPress help desk services come from enquiries from our clients and our own experience working on other websites that business are running. So many WordPress sites are running in a way that makes them a security risk for you and your clients or even your business reputation. If your WordPress site is not maintained correctly it can create so many problems. Many just don’t know what needs to be done or how to do it and when problems happen they do not know what to do. EasyAsPc will look over your site and take care of the base security issues and updates that are required. We can organise to manage your site on monthly, fortnightly bases going forward or if you like just come in and clean it up so it is safe going forward with you managing.  We remove the worry and are there to help if the unexpected error doses occur. We can even set tools in place to notify us if problem happens before you or your IT department even knows about it. Some of the task we can take care of:

  • Assist you with all aspects of WordPress.
  • Debug problems with you WordPress.
  • Close the common security holes in WordPress.
  • Configure security certificates correctly.
  • Take care of regular updates of plugins and core Files.
  • Help with backup of your WordPress.
  • Assist with site restoration if your site is compromised.
  • Organise, supply and install new plugins for specialised needs.

  To learn more please call or request help through our enquire form found here: Contact

* Server type can effect cost and configuration time.