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Word & Excel Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Word

To… Use this shortcut
Select text Press Shift+Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow to highlight text. To select one word at a time, press Shift+Ctrl+Arrow. To select to the end of the line, press Shift+End.
Copy selected text Press Ctrl+C.
Cut selected text Press Ctrl+X.
Paste selected text Press Ctrl+V.
Bold text Press Ctrl+B.
Search for text in a document Press Ctrl+F.
Find and replace text in a document Press Ctrl+H.
Got to a page, line, or bookmark in a document Press Ctrl+G.
Italicize text Press Ctrl+I.
Underline text Press Ctrl+U.
Subscript text Press Ctrl+equal sign (=).
Superscript text Press Ctrl+plus sign (+).
Center text Press Ctrl+E.
Align text left Press Ctrl+L.
Align text right Press Ctrl+R.
Justify text Press Ctrl+J.
Decrease the font size Press Ctrl+Shift+less than sign (<). If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can also press Ctrl and scroll down.
Increase the font size Press Ctrl+Shift+greater than sign (>). If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can also press Ctrl and scroll up.
Change the font Press CTRL+SHIFT+F, and then use the arrow keys to reach the new font.
Change font size Press Ctrl+Shift+P, and then use the arrow keys to reach the new font size. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can also press Ctrl and scroll up or down.
Create a page break Press Ctrl+Enter.
Create a new document Press Ctrl+N.
Open the My Documents window Press Ctrl+O.
Close a document Press Ctrl+W.
Save a document Press Ctrl+S.
Print a document Press CTRL+P.
Preview what you’re about to print Press ALT+Ctrl+I. In Windows 7, this keyboard shortcut opens the integrated Print and Preview window, which you can also access by pressing Ctrl+P.
Resize a shape (Office 2010) Select the shape, and then press Shift+Arrow.
Rotate a shape (Office 2010) Select the shape, and then hold the Alt key while you press the Left Arrow key or the Right Arrow key.

Microsoft Excel

To… Use this shortcut
Open a new workbook Press Ctrl+N.
Move left to right, cell by cell Press Tab, or press the Right Arrow key.
Move right to left, cell by cell Press Shift+Tab, or press the Left Arrow key.
Move down, cell by cell Press Enter, or press the Down Arrow key.
Move up, cell by cell Press Shift+Enter, or press the Up Arrow key.
Move down or up to the last empty or non-empty cell Press Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow or Up Arrow.
Move to the last empty or non-empty cell to the right or left Press Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow or Left Arrow.
Erase data in the current cell Press Backspace.
Insert a return within a cell Press Alt+Enter.
Return to the beginning of the row Press HOME.
Advance to the next worksheet Ctrl+Page Down
Go to the previous worksheet Ctrl+Page Up
Enter the date Press Ctrl+Semicolon (;).
Enter the time Press Ctrl+Shift+Colon (:).
Find out about the style within the cell Press Alt+Apostrophe (‘).
Display the Format Cells dialog box Press Ctrl+1.
Apply the general number format Press Ctrl+Shift+Tilde (~).
Apply the currency number format Press Ctrl+Shift+Dollar Sign ($).
Apply the percentage number format Press Ctrl+Shift+Percent (%).
Apply a border Press Ctrl+Shift+Ampersand (&).
Remove a border Press Ctrl+Shift+ underscore (_).
Hide the selected columns Press Ctrl+0 (zero).
Hide the selected rows Press Ctrl+9.
Unhide hidden rows within a selection Press Ctrl+Shift+opening parenthesis.