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Geelong SEO Services

SEO (search engine optimisation) has become one of the most unpredictable areas on the internet with so many companies striving to get up into jewel of  the internet, 1st page, 1st spot on the number one search engine in the world even in our local Geelong area from setup to completion

Now for me the number one spot has become a reality with recent results I achieved with my WordPress Templates Geelong achieving just that. A week of searching has shown me in that spot in Geelong with just those words. After a week of more playing around I have also achieved the following on page one: “Geelong Computer Help Desk”, “Computer Help Desk Geelong”
I have many results for different terms which are coming up on the second page which is far the average person will look.
All of this is at the time of writing and as with SEO it could change as others continue their work and updates.
The search term containing “SEO” is seeing me sit around the page two of Google which I do find very good as I have only just started placing this information onto the internet.
The following search terms are the ones that I have used:
“SEO Services Geelong”, “Geelong SEO Services”

As this comes together we will see what we can achieve over the coming weeks and months. I want to achieve not necessary the top spot but just 1st page. My thoughts on this is that most people never go past the 2nd page on Google or any other search engine results but just look at the 1st two pages. So if I aim for the 1st page and get on the second I would have achieved my outcome. Any new visitors to this page will prove that point.
So to begin with I will add this to Google using the tools I have and will wait to see what type of result I get over the next few days or weeks.

To test to see how I am going, place any of the following into Google search to see if you can find EasyAsPc.

“WordPress Templates Geelong “
“Geelong Computer Help Desk”
“Computer Help Desk Geelong”
“SEO Services Geelong”
“Geelong SEO Services”

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